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 Welcome to the homepage of Hiroshima Aikikai. We are an organization consisting of Aikido dojos in Hiroshima Prefecture that belong to the Aikikai Foundation. Here you will find announcements, dojo introductions, and information about the activities of Hiroshima Aikikai.

 Aikido is a modern martial art founded by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969, hereafter referred to as "the Founder"). The Founder developed a new martial arts based on his depth knowledge of various martial arts and mastery of advanced fighting techniques, and realized that the true goal of Aikido training is not to fight, but to improve one's mind and body according to the rules of nature, and to deepen cooperation and mutual understanding among people around the world. In accordance with this core principle, Aikido techniques are performed by blending into the opponent's movements and redirecting the force of the attack. Aikido has no competitions or matches. For this reason, it is open to both men and women, from children to adults, regardless of size or physical strength. Aikido is also an excellent health method, and many people practice it with the goal of continuing it for a long time.

 Now, would you like to start aikido? If you would like to observe an aikido practice or would like to start practicing, please see the "Dojo intro." and visit a dojo near you.