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 Welcome to the Hatsukaichi Aikido Club homepage. Here you will find introduction of our dojo and information for our members.
 We practice aikido at the practice hall of Hatsukaichi Junior High School, from 19:30 to 21:00 on Monday and on Wednsday. Would you like to practice Aikido with us? We welcome visitors and new members at any time. If you would like to observe our practice or would like to start practice, please visit the "Join us" page and contact us.


● October 5, 2022
 The English version of this website was released on September 16. Please note that some pages are still under construction.

● September 16, 2022
 The practice dates for October and November 2022 are scheduled as follows. Please note that there will be no practice on Monday, October 10 and Wednesday, November 23, as schools will be closed for Sports Day and Labor Thanksgiving Day, respectively. We will have special practice from 10:30 to 12:00 on October 8 (Sat) and November 26 (Sat), focusing on weapons techniques such as sword vs. sword and sword vs. jo.

 October practice dates: 3 (Mon), 5 (Wed), 8 (Sat), 12(Wed), 17 (Mon), 19 (Wed), 24 (Mon), 26(Wed), 31 (Mon).
 November practice dates: 2 (Wed), 7 (Mon), 9 (Wed), 14 (Mon), 16 (Wed), 21 (Mon), 26 (Sat), 28 (Mon), 30 (Wed).

 We appreciate your cooperation as we continue our efforts to combat new coronavirus infection.

● September 16, 2022
 This site was opened.